Recycling Steward Patch Program

Scout Badge Criteria FinalYouths in the CVWMA service area who complete the steps below may earn the Recycling Steward patch!

The program is ideal for scouts, 4-H groups and environmental clubs.

The patch itself is 3 inches in diameter and features CVWMA mascot R3. It makes a great addition to jackets, backpacks and sashes.

Here’s how to earn it!

Patch Requirements

  1. Watch the CVWMA video, “What Happens to Your Recyclables?”
  2. On the submission form below, tell us:
    • What happens once recyclable materials are picked up from the curb or drop-off sites?
    • What happens to each material that is separated for recycling?
    • What are some of the products made with recycled materials?
  3. Plan and do an activity that promotes the 3 Rs: Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. See suggestions below.
  4. Once completed, fill out the form below to submit for your patch.


  • Strive for zero-waste group meetings. Bring a zero-waste snack for meetings or pack a zero-waste lunch for school.
  • Start, maintain or improve recycling at the location of your group meeting.
  • Plan an educational community event that incorporates the 3 R’s.
  • Develop a community-service project for reuse — perhaps a toy, clothing or book swap.
  • Develop recycling public service announcements to educate your neighbors.
  • Demonstrate, explain and record the three R’s in action.
  • Evaluate your family’s recycling practices. Does your family recycle right? Develop and implement a plan to reduce your family’s household waste. Show how you can use alternatives to single-use items.
  • Make a short educational video about CVWMA residential or drop-off recycling programs. Topics should include what you can and cannot recycle, recycling containers or drop-off locations, where recyclables go after they are picked up, what recyclables can be made into, and why it is important to recycle.

Recycling Steward Patch Submission Form

  • Questions

  • 1. List the answers to the three questions that pertain to watching the CVWMA video.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.