Education and Outreach

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Education and Outreach- September Resources
Our September education and outreach video focuses on some great *children’s books about the 3Rs and our natural resources ( *we do not own rights to these books). Check out our Good Reads on Pinterest too.

Summer Reading and CVWMA- August Feature
Our August book feature  is Maybe by Kobi Yamada (*we do not own rights to this book). Reuse paper egg cartons to create #diy #kidscando toadstools.

Summer Reading and CVWMA- July Feature
  Our July  book feature – Me…Jane by Patrick McDonnell (*we do not own rights to this book). Reuse a empty jello or pudding cup to make a recycled monkey/chimpanzee craft.


Summer Reading and CVWMA- June Feature
Our June feature- Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett ( * we do not own rights to this book).  Grab a piece of leftover cardboard and some yarn to create a fun #diy yarn bird craft.

Looking for ways to reuse or repurpose basic household recyclables? Follow us on Pinterest for lots of reuse resources. We hope you will share pictures of #diy #kidscando creations.

CVWMA Education and Outreach Programs
We’re all about recycling education and outreach. Learn more about our education programs, click here.
CVWMA Earth Day Education Tool Kit
Visit our Earth Day 2021 webpage. Feel free to use any of great tools we’ve compiled to encourage reduce, reuse, repurpose, and to recycle right for a wide range of audiences.
CVWMA's Kids Page
Check out our Kids Page. This interactive web site is designed to teach you about the importance of waste reduction, recycling, and solid waste management (or how we take care of our garbage). Many materials that we use everyday can be reused and recycled. Explore the links below to learn more about recycling and ways you can reduce the amount of trash you throw away.
Journey To the MRF
CVWMA staff worked with TFC Recycling, Richmond Flying Squirrels (Nutzy), R3, Jonathan Austin and Matt McClain, CBS 6 to create this video/virtual “field trip” inside TFC’s Material Recovery Facility (or MRF) located in Chester, VA. Watch video.