Solid Waste Management Plan

The VA DEQ approved the 2019 solid waste management plan update submitted by CVWMA  The updated plan is posted  below.  Please contact Rich Nolan, Director of Operations directly at or (804)612-0553 for information in this plan.
The Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA) holds the solid waste management plan for central Virginia.


The Central Virginia Solid Waste Management Plan (CVSWMP) was prepared for the CVWMA and 13 local governments within the Authority’s service area in accordance with the requirements and provisions of Regulations for Solid Waste Management Planning (9 VAC 20-130-10 et eq., Amendment 1). In meeting this objective the Central Virginia Waste Management Plan is intended to achieve the following purposes for the region:

  • Define specific solid waste management objectives for the CVWMA service area that meet identified management needs and public policy objectives, including State mandated recycling goals;
  • Provide an integrated management strategy with supporting financial and implementation strategies to meet solid waste management objectives;
  • Provide agreement on specific roles and responsibilities for the CVWMA and its member governments in the implementation of waste programs and services for meeting the region’s waste management needs; and,
  • Establish specific milestones, responsibilities, and a schedule for meeting solid waste management objectives.

See links below to review sections of the updated solid waste management plan and maps (approved by VA DEQ ).