How to Recycle

NO NEED TO SORT! CVWMA’s Residential Recycling (Curbside) is single stream.

Oops! Recycle Right with CVWMA.

Avoid “wishcycling” (placing items not accepted in your container. You can place all accepted recyclables clean and loose in the same recycling container (bin, cart, personal container) and place out for recycling on your collection day. Do not place recyclables in plastic bags of any kind.

On Recycling Collection Day

  • Think Twice! Avoid the Oops! Place accepted items only in your recycling container.
  • No plastic bags or plastic bagged recyclables.
  • Place your bin, cart, or container out for collection, rain or shine, before 7:00 a.m. on your collection day. No plastic bags of any kind will be accepted.
  • If your trash is collected on the same day, please separate your trash container and recycling container by at least 5 feet so that neither collection crew mistakes one for the other.
  • Flatten cardboard boxes and place them beside your recycling  container if do not fit inside the container.
  • Be careful not to cause litter! If you are using an open container (such as a bin, personal tote), please place light items like plastic bottles, cups, cartons, containers and loose paper in the bottom of the container under heavier items like magazines and glass bottles so that nothing blows out of your open container.
  • Please do not cover your open recycling container (s) when it rains.
  • Call CVWMA at (804) 340-0900 for any collection service issues on your collection day. Our Customer Service representatives will assist you.
Recycling Collection Schedule

Is your container overflowing?
If you are using green recycling bin and need additional containers, you can use paper grocery bags or any personal rigid container of your choice. We recommend sturdy plastic totes and small trash cans like those pictured to the right.  They can be anything convenient to you, but we ask that containers LARGER THAN 40 gallons have a steel bar for easy tipping, please. They don’t even have to be green! No plastic bags or plastic bagged recyclables are accepted in our program.

Make sure everyone knows it’s a recycling container.
Your family, friends and CVWMA collection drivers will appreciate knowing you use this personal container for recycling. Clearly mark your extra containers with these free stickers from CVWMA. Request free stickers through the CVWMA customer tool or call 804-340-0900.

Please do not place extra recyclables in plastic bags.
Return plastic bags to most grocery stores (or better yet, bring your own bags!). Plastic bags are not recyclable in our program and cause equipment failure at the processing facility. Plastic bagged recyclables will not be opened at the sorting facility. They will be landfilled.