County/City Programs

The County offers the following prograns:

Community Cleanups

Tire and Appliance Amnesty Day-annual event


The County offers the following resources to residents:

Curbside Recycling

Curbside recycling in not available in Powhatan County at this time.

Drop Off Recycling Collection Sites

The County provides drop-off recycling containers at the following collection site:

Convenience/Solid Waste Center, 2407 Mitchell Road (north of Anderson Highway (Rt.60)


Recycle Right  with CVWMA! Instructional decals on the containers show what items are accepted and what items that are not accepted.

ACCEPTED ITEMS: Cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, tubs and containers (Empty, rinse and replace plastic cap to recycle), food and beverage cartons (empty, rinse, reattach plastic cap to recycle) and glass bottles and jars (no metal lids, please).

Avoid the Oops!  NOT ACCEPTED: Leave these out of drop-off recycling containers: Plastic bags, plastic bagged recyclables, any Styrofoam (carryout or packing materials), food contaminated such as pizza boxes, no sheets or balls of aluminum foil, no shredded paper, no tanglers, hoses, cords, big items such as wood, plastic, furniture or metal.

Recycle plastic bags at local grocery/retail stores. Click here to find a store near you to recycle them atMany stores work with Trex in Winchester, VA.

Recycle foam packing peanuts  – click link.


Solid Waste Collection Sites

Residents can dispose of household items and residential trash at:

Convenience/Solid Waste Center, 2407 Mitchell Road (north of Anderson Highway (Rt.60) NO commercial waste accepted!

Click here for Accepted Items as Convenience Center for Recycling



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