What Do You Love About Recycling?

February 14, 2024 | Published by Julie Buchanan

For Valentine’s Day, we asked our newsletter subscribers what they love about recycling. We received 116 responses. Here are some of our favorites:

James, Colonial Heights:
Peace of mind knowing less waste going into landfills, and material is being reused.

Marcus, Henrico:
I love that I get to reduce my carbon footprint, reduce my contribution to the landfill, reduce the amount of waste I produce, and I love that it makes me feel like I am doing something worthwhile for everyone.

Chris, Hopewell:
It helps our planet.

Melvin, Chesterfield:
Protecting the future for the new generations.

Tina, Ashland:
I love that there is less trash going to landfills and more being recycled to be used to make other products.

Anne, Richmond:
Trying to do something to improve the planet on my own small way.

Patricia, Henrico:
Well, it certainly cut down on trash in the house! Also, I love the larger carts.

R., Richmond:
We love that the recycle crew are extremely nice!!!

Alan, Colonial Heights:
Reduces my personal landfill waste by 75%.

Glen, Chesterfield:
It diverts materials from landfills. It recovers materials for reuse. It can reduce carbon pollution (GHG). It just makes sense!

Becky, Henrico:
It helps me feel like I’m doing a small part in helping to save our planet.

Marcia, Richmond:
I love the fact that we know we will always get great service. …You are there first thing for us on Wednesday morning, you put our recycle bins back after dumping them and I feel in a small way I may be helping our planet. 

Mary, Colonial Heights:
Allows me to do something useful. with my large amount of junk mail. Cuts down on my household trash.

Amen, Richmond:
Helps me feel I am doing a tiny part to show respect to our home planet.

Zakiya, Henrico:
I love how recycling helps my family maintain the consciousness of protecting our planet. We were able to actually see how much plastic we use every two weeks. This has helped us not only reduce the amount of plastic used in our household but also helped us become contributors to a better and cleaner Earth!

Shayron, Richmond:
In a nutshell, to keep unnecessary things out of landfills for reuse.

Sharon, Chesterfield:
Saves the land from becoming landfills.

Audrey, Chesterfield:
It helps save the Earth . I have recycled for years and will continue to do so.

Charles, Henrico:
I love it that my recycle bin gets full more quickly than my trash bin – that means I’m putting lots less waste into the landfill!

Kathy, Henrico:
I love that less is going into the landfill and with CVWMA I feel like I am doing a small part to help. I love recycling. My regular trash bin is rarely even half full on trash pickup days.

Nancy, Petersburg:
Saving the earth, reusing things to make new things, saving energy.

Robyn, Richmond:
The many cool items made from recycled material, like furniture, jewelry and artworks.

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