What to Recycle


what not to recycle


Empty & Rinse Containers · Flatten Boxes · No Trash or Yard Waste · No Plastic Bags

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No bags
no tanglers
no hazardous items
no styrofoam


Do not bag recyclables. Return plastic bags and wraps to retailers. No garbage
No hoses, wires, chains or electronics · No flammables, motor oil, paint or batteries · No carryout packaging or packing materials

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Your 2022 CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling collections are every other week. To help you remember, you can sign up for our free collection day email reminder or download the collection schedule

Recycling Collection Schedule

Include These Items ONLY in Your Recycling Bin, Cart or Personal Container(s):

No Need to Sort! Our residential recycling program is single stream. We don’t require materials to be sorted. However, if you prefer to keep like items together to organize and contain your recyclables between collections, that’s okay, too! Don’t be alarmed if the items are mixed in the truck together. Everything collected by TFC Recycling (Chester) will be separated at the processing facility in Chester.

Aluminum and Steel Cans
Metal cans, including food and beverage cans. Empty and rinse. Yes, the lids on these cans be recycled too. Place the lid back inside the can.

  • Aluminum foil is not accepted.
  • Decorative tins and sets of pots and pans or cooking pans are not accepted.

Food and Beverage Cartons

Food and beverage cartons such as milk, juice, soup, creamers. Empty, rinse, and replace plastic caps before placing in your recycling container.

Here is a short video by the Carton Council on what new products that recycled cartons can be made into. Watch our educational clip too.


Glass Bottles and Jars
Food and beverage clear, blue,brown & green bottles and jars. Empty and rinse.

  • Remove and throw away metal caps/lids from accepted bottles or jars before putting them in the recycling container.
  • Metal lids are not accepted.
  • Drinking glasses, canning jars, Pyrex, window glass, and ceramics are not accepted

Paper and Cardboard
Newspaper, magazines, catalogs, computer paper, junk mail, cereal, cracker, pasta, shoe and and gift boxes and other paperboard boxes and paper bags. Corrugated cardboard boxes- please flatten.

  • Greasy pizza boxes are not accepted.
  • Ice cream containers are not accepted.
  • Receipts are not accepted. This thin paper can contain non-recyclable layers and chemicals.Refuse receipts or place then in the trash.
  • Hardback books are not accepted. Remover cover to recycle book paper pages.
  • Shredded paper is not accepted. Contact a local animal shelter where you live to see if they can use, or use in composting, or participate in a document shredding event.

Kitchen, Laundry, Bath: Plastic Bottles, Jugs, and Tubs
Plastic bottles and containers such as milk and juice jugs, soda & water bottles, shampoo bottles; detergent bottles, butter tubs, yogurt or sour cream containers, clear clamshells, berry baskets, prescription bottles, etc. Empty, rinse, and replace plastic cap before placing in your recycling container.

  • Styrofoam containers/packaging are not accepted.
  • Spray pumps on plastic bottles are not accepted. Remove pump before recycling.
  • Plastic bottles with motor oil are not accepted.
  • Plastic garden plant pots are not accepted.
  • Plastic bags, of any kind, are not accepted.

LEAVE These Items OUT of Your Recycling Bin, Cart or Personal Container(s):

Putting items that CVWMA does not accept in your recycling container or at a drop-off recycling location can damage equipment, harm workers, and adds additional sorting and disposal costs.

NO! Plastic bags or plastic wrap.

  • Plastic bags are the #1 contaminate found in recycling containers nationwide.
  • Return plastic bags and film to local grocery and retail stores to recycle.
  • CVWMA contractors placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.
  • Plastic bags and other tanglers can cause equipment damage at the processing facility (MRF) when they get wrapped around moving parts.
  • Add additional processing and disposal costs.

NO! Do not bag recyclables.

  • Do not bag recyclables in plastic bags. Plastic bags will not be opened at the sorting and processing facility (or MRF).
  • Bags will be landfilled..
  • CVWMA contractors placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.

NO! Tanglers, Cords, Hoses or Chains

  • No hoses, wires, chains or electronics are accepted.
  • Holiday tree lights are not accepted.
  • CVWMA contractors placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.

NO! Flammables, Fuel Tanks or Batteries

  • No flammables, motor oil, paint, or batteries are accepted.
  • No plastic Motor Oil bottles are accepted. Motor oil residue has become one of the biggest contaminants for our plastics markets. The residue seeps into the porous plastic and cannot be removed through the washing process. Of course you should never try to rinse or wash a motor oil bottle yourself since motor oil down the sink or storm drain causes a much larger environmental crisis than a plastic bottle in the trash.Save those containers to pour used motor-oil back in to for return to your local automotive parts store.
  • CVWMA contractors placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.
  • No batteries of any kind are accepted. Ever. Lithium batteries can cause fires.

NO! Food or Liquids

  • Food contaminated items such as pizza boxes or aluminum foil are not accepted.
  • Any food left on your containers may attract pests to your recycling bin.
  • Food residue also contaminates the materials and make them recyclable.
  • CVWMA contractors placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.

NO! Styrofoam or Foam Products and Carryout Packaging

  • No Styrofoam or foam products of any kind including cups, carryout packaging, and packaging materials (like peanuts). Recycle foam packing peanuts here.
  • No corn starch based/and or biodegradable packing materials ( like peanuts).
  • CVWMA contractors will be placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.

NO! Shredded Paper

NO! Aerosol Cans, Plastic pumps

  • Aerosol cans are not accepted.
  • Spray pumps are not accepted.
  • CVWMA contractors placing Oops! sticker on recycling containers that include unaccepted items.

Local recycling efforts matter. However, the general public in our service area need to understand that CVWMA accepts certain items only in its residential (curbside) and drop-off recycling programs. These items are accepted for a specific reason- they can be recycled and made into new products. Unfortunately, either by accident or misunderstanding, unacceptable items continue to be placed in recycling containers. Do not put other things in your recycling container, such as those listed under “NO! All of the unacceptable items will be landfilled; they may also contaminate (and make unrecyclable) the items we can recycle in this area. CVWMA contractors are using Oops! stickers to reject bins, carts or personal containers that have unaccepted items in our nine curbside recycling participating member localities


Recycle at home? Recycling not collected? Call CVWMA at (804) 340-0900 to speak with one of our customer service representatives for recycling assistance or send a detailed email with name, address and service issue to customerservice@cvwma.com. Please do not post a missed collection/other service issues on social media as Staff cannot provide online assistance.