Special Event Recycling (Single day)

Every year, there are numerous fairs and festivals coordinated by area organizations, businesses and schools. If you have large events, multiple day events or many events over the course of a season or throughout the year, you will need to contact a local company to discuss your recycling options or consider purchasing event recycling containers of your own.

CVWMA does not provide event recycling/or event recycling containers. Below is a list of local resources.
For ALL events that take place in the City of Richmond: Event Recycling containers are available for loan through the Clean City Commission. Read City of Richmond Event Recycling Guidelines and Download Request form here. To reserve your containers, please contact Darlene Mallory.
For ALL events that take place in Chesterfield County with a County department or school as a event partner: Event Recycling containers are available for loan through the Chesterfield County Department of General Services- Waste and Resource Recovery Division, Virginia Waste Services (VWS), and County Waste.  To reserve your containers, please contact Jeff T. Howard (Chesterfield County) at (804) 748-1296.
The Goochland Anti Litter & Recycling Council (GARC) offers Event Recycling Containers for loan through GARC. Contact Leigh Dunn (804) 556-5850 or email ldunn@co.goochland.va.us  at for more information.
City of Petersburg (Please contact Container First Services directly for this type of recycling)
 Tidewater Fibre Corporation (TFC), offers event recycling containers for single day, small to moderate sized events held within CVWMA Curbside Recycling member jurisdictions on a first come, first serve basis. If the interested group lives in a jurisdiction or is working with a County department or school that already provides this service, the group representative  will need to make contact with local government staff or contractor listed above on this page. Please contact TFC staff directly at (804) 706- 5877 to reserve single day event recycling containers.
Accepted Items include:

  • Aluminum cans
  • Plastic bottles and solo cups
  • If your event will be generating other recyclables such as cardboard, please contact TFC Recycling  in advance to discuss treatment of these materials.

Not Accepted Items include:

  • Food contaminated items (like food wrappings, paper plates, etc)
  • Glass bottles