America Recycles Day

America Recycles Day is a time to educate and empower one other to reduce waste and recycle right.

Since 1990, Central Virginia has recycled more than 14 million tons at homes, workplaces and schools.

Let’s keep it up by:

  1. Rethinking what we buy, use and throw away.
  2. Shopping for goods made from recycled materials.
  3. Participating in the recycling programs available in our communities.

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Recycling Facts

  • State law requires the Central Virginia region to recycle 25% of its waste. We’ve recycled over 55% annually for more than a decade!
  • 681,000 U.S. jobs are tied to the reuse and recycling economy.
  • Nearly 75% of all aluminum ever produced is still in use today.
  • Recycling one glass bottle saves enough energy to power a 100-watt lightbulb for four hours.
  • One ton of recycled paper can save 17 mature trees.
  • Pens, car parts, toys, bike racks, picnic tables, carpet, clothing and even recycling bins are some of the many things made from recycled plastics.

Get Involved

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Educational Resources

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