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Today is Wed Jan 17, CVWMA residential recycling in Henrico and Richmond and trash collection in Col Heights on regular pickup schedule at this time.  Hopewell recycling delayed one day.  We are closely monitoring weather and road conditions.


Bylaws Committee Meeting

Date: TBD, 11 am
CVWMA Office Conference Room

Chesterfield County Board Representatives Quarterly Meeting
Date: TBD; 1:00pm
Department of General Services Office Conference Room

Curbside Education Advisory Committee and Education Work Group Meeting
Date: February, 2018, 10 am  – *Goochland County will be our Member Focus and host the meeting in Goochland County.

*This is a new meeting location. ( Usually meet in Large conference room located at 2104 W. Laburnum Ave in Richmond.)

CEAC Minutes 10 24 17, Summary_Oct_24_17, CEAC Agenda (10/24/17)

CEAC Minutes 6 23 17 , Summary 6/23/17, Communication Plan 2016

CEAC and Education Work Group 2/8/17 Minutes , Summary_2/8/17

CEAC 5/26/16 Minutes, Summary_5/26/16

Board of Directors

The CVMWA Board of Directors meetings are held monthly. Meetings are conducted in either the large conference room located at 2104 W. Laburnum Ave in Richmond, VA or the Crater Planning District Commission’s conference room located at 1964 Wakefield St in Petersburg, VA. Meetings begin at 9:00 am.

If Agenda and Board packet(s) from 2015 or another previous year is needed, please contact the CVWMA directly at (804) 359-8413.

January 2018- December 2018

Meeting Date Location 2018  Approved Minutes
 Jan 19,2018  Petersburg  Agenda Packet
 Feb 16,2018  Richmond
 Mar 16,2018 Richmond
 Apr 20, 2018  Petersburg
 May 18, 2018  Richmond
 Jun 15,2018  Richmond
 Jul 20, 2018  Petersburg  Canceled
 Aug 17,2018  TBD
 Sept 21,2018  Richmond
Oct 19,2018 Petersburg
Nov 16, 2018 Richmond
*Dec 14,2018

*Date change/Time change

**Meeting location changed

January 2017-December 2017

January 2017- December 2017

Meeting Date    Location  2017 Approved Minutes  
 Jan. 20,2017  Petersburg  Agenda Packet Dec_16_16
 Feb. 17, 2017  Richmond  Agenda Packet Jan_20_17
 Mar. 17,2017  Richmond Agenda Packet Feb 17 17
 Apr.21,2017  Petersburg Agenda Packet Mar_17_17
 May 19, 2017  Richmond Agenda Packet Apr_21_17
 Jun 16, 2017  Richmond Agenda Packet   May_19_17
 Jul 21, 2017  Petersburg     Board Mtg Cancelation Letter
 Aug 18, 2017  Richmond Agenda Packet June_16_17
 Sept 15, 2017  **Petersburg Agenda Packet Aug_18_17
*Oct 20, 2017, 10 am  **Richmond Agenda Packet
Nov. 17, 2017  Richmond Agenda Packet
Dec. 15, 2017  Richmond  Agenda Packet

 * Time change

** Meeting location switched

January 2016-December 2016

Meeting Date Location  2016     Approved Minutes 
 Jan. 14, 2016  *Petersburg Agenda Packet 1/14/16 Dec_11_2015
 Feb. 19, 2016  Richmond Agenda Packet 2/19/16 Jan_14_2016
Mar. 18, 2016  Richmond Agenda packet 3/18/16 Feb_19_16
Apr. 15, 2016  Petersburg Agenda Packet 4/15/16 Mar_18_16
May 20, 2016  Richmond Agenda Packet 5/20/16 Apr_15_16
Jun. 17,2016  Richmond Agenda Packet 6/17/16 May_20_16
Jul. 15, 2016  Petersburg  Board Mtg Cancellation Letter June_17_16
Aug. 19, 2016 Richmond Agenda Packet 8/19/16 Report and cancellation letter
Sept. 16, 2016  **Petersburg  Agenda and Board Packet 9/16/16 Aug_19_16
Oct. 21, 2016 **Richmond Agenda Packet 10/21/16 Sept_16_16
Nov. 18, 2016  Richmond Agenda Packet 11/18/16 Oct_21_16
Dec. 16, 2016 Richmond Agenda Packet 12/16/16 Nov_18_16

*This is a Thursday.

**Location has switched.

January 2015-December 2015

January 2015- December 2015

Meeting Date Location  2015     Approved Minutes 
*Jan.15, 2015 (PrinceGeorge) Agenda and Board Packet  Dec_12_2014
Feb. 20,2015 (Richmond) Agenda and Board Packet
Mar.20, 2015 (Richmond) Agenda and Board Packet  Feb_20_2015
*Apr. 17, 2015 (PrinceGeorge) Agenda and Board Packet  Mar_20_2015
May 15, 2015 (Richmond)  Agenda and Board Packet  Apr_17_2015Resolution 15-16
Jun 19, 2015 (Richmond)  Agenda May_15_2015
**Jul 17, 2015 (Petersburg) June_19_2015
*Aug.14, 2015 (Richmond) Agenda and Board Packet Report and Cancellation Letter
Sept.18, 2015 (Richmond)  Agenda and Board Packet  Aug_14_2015
Oct. 16, 2015 (Petersburg)  Agenda and Board Package September_18_2015
Nov.20, 2015 (Richmond) Agenda and Board Packet October_16_2015
***Dec.11, 2015 (Richmond) Agenda and Board Package Nov_20_2015

* Jan. meeting was canceled . It was suppose to be held on Thursday at Prince George County Library.

* August meeting has been moved up one week.

** Note: The July meeting is meeting is canceled.

*** Note: The December meeting will be held one week earlier than normal and at a different location.



Executive Committee

Meetings of the Executive Committee of the CVWMA Board of Directors are held monthly on Tuesdays at the CVWMA office in Richmond. Meetings begin at 2:00 pm.

Meeting Date Location  2018
 Jan 9  Richmond   Agenda
 Feb 6  Richmond
 Mar 6  Richmond
 Apr 10  Richmond
 May 8  Richmond
 Jun 5  Richmond
 Jul 10  Richmond
 Aug 7  Richmond
 Sept 11  Richmond
Oct 9 Richmond
Nov 6 Richmond
Dec 4 Richmond

January 2017-December 2017

Meeting Date Location 2017
 Jan 10  Richmond   Agenda
 Feb. 7  Richmond Agenda
 Mar 7  Richmond Agenda
 *Apr 6, 10:30  Richmond Agenda
 May 9  Richmond Agenda
 **Jun 6, 1:30  Richmond Agenda
 Jul 11  Richmond Agenda
 Aug 8  Richmond Agenda
 *Sept 8, 1 pm  Richmond Agenda
***Sept 19, 2 pm Richmond Agenda
Oct 10  Richmond Agenda
Nov 7  Richmond Agenda
Dec 5  Richmond Agenda

*** Special Meeting

*Date and time change

** Time change

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January 2016-December 2016

Meeting Date Location 2016    
Jan 4 (Richmond) Agenda
Feb (Richmond) Agenda
Mar 7 (Richmond) Agenda
Apr 4 (Richmond) Agenda
May 12 (Richmond) Agenda
Jun 6 (Richmond) Agenda
Jul 11 (Richmond) Agenda
Tue, Aug 9 (Richmond) Agenda
Tue, Sept 6 (Richmond) Agenda
Tue, Oct 11 (Richmond)  Agenda
Tue, Nov 8 (Richmond) Agenda
Tue, Dec 6 (Richmond) Agenda
*Date/or time change    

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

Meetings of the CVWMA Technical Advisory Committee(TAC) are held monthly on the first Thursday at the CVWMA office in Richmond. Meetings begin at 9:00 am.

Click here to see Monthly Program Statistics.

January 2018-December 2018

 Meeting Date  Location
 *Jan 11  Richmond
 Feb 1  Richmond
 Mar 1  Richmond
 Apr 5  Richmond
 May 3  Richmond
 Jun 7  Richmond
 Jul 5  Richmond
 Aug 2  Richmond
 Sept 6  Richmond
Oct 4  Richmond
Nov 1  Richmond
Dec 6  Richmond

*Date change

For the monthly TAC Committee Meeting Agenda, more information on the TAC Committee or monthly Program Statistics, please contact Richard Nolan, Director of Operations, directly at rnolan@cvwma.com or by phone at (804) 612-0553.



Audit Committee

CVWMA Audit Committee Meeting
Date: TBD
CVWMA Office Conference Room, 2100 W. Laburnum Ave, Suite 105, Richmond VA

Meetings of the CVWMA Audit Committee are held semi-annually. Please contact Terry Eckhout , Accounting and Financial Manager at teckhout@cvwma.com or by phone at (804)612-0551 for more information.