Reuse at Robious Elementary

March 27, 2024 | Published by Julie Buchanan

Third-graders at Robious Elementary School in Chesterfield County recently put the 3R’s (that’s reduce, reuse, recycle) into action with a book swap! Each student brought in a book to be swapped for another. Teachers placed the books on cafeteria tables so students could browse and select a book to take home.

“This activity was the culminating activity for our Earth’s Resources science unit,” third-grade teacher Julia Preusser said. “We connected the lesson to reuse. Students loved being able to shop for a ‘new to them’ book and share the books with friends.”

Preusser noted the book swap showed how items one person doesn’t need can find new life with someone else — while also staying out of the trash.

The third-graders earned their CVWMA Recycling Steward Special Patch for participating in the book swap. They also colored CVWMA posters about reducing waste.

Way to go, Roadrunners!

Photos courtesy of Julia Preusser.

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