What To Do With Old Recycling Containers

CVWMA asks that residents keep old containers out of their regular curbside recycling. Several drop-off locations have been established to collect old containers for reuse and recycling later.

Henrico, Hanover and Goochland

24-gallon bins will not be collected at the curb as of July 1, 2023. The exception will be at some townhome communities that cannot accommodate the rolling cart.

All recyclables must be placed inside the CVWMA cart for collection.

Option 1: Keep your container.

The CVWMA bins can be handy for household storage or for moving recyclables from the house to your new cart.

Option 2: Drop off bins and carts at the following locations.

Springfield Road Public Use Area
10600 Fords Country Lane, Glen Allen 23059

Charles City Road Public Use Area
2075 Charles City Road, Henrico 23231

Courthouse Convenience Center
7234 Courtland Farm Road, Hanover 23069

Elmont Convenience Center
11045 Lewistown Road, Ashland 23005

Mechanicsville Convenience Center
7427 Verdi Land, Mechanicsville 23116

Central Convenience Center
1908 Hidden Rock Lane, Maidens 23102

Western Convenience Center
3455 Hadensville-Fife Road, Goochland 23063


Chesterfield County has transitioned to a private service model for curbside recycling. CVWMA no longer coordinates collection for county residents.

Option 1: Reuse. Ask your new recycling provider for their company’s stickers to go on your existing cart.

This will show that the cart is now part of a different recycling program.

Option 2: Keep it for alternative household uses.

Option 3: Drop off bins and carts at the following locations.

Northern Area Convenience Center
3200 Warbro Road, Midlothian 23112

Southern Area Convenience Center
6700 Landfill Drive, Chester 23831