Sustainability at the Core of New Carts

July 14, 2022 | Published by Julie Buchanan

School was out, but the parking lot of Colonial Heights High School was bustling in the final days of June.

The lot served as the staging area for 8,000 new trash carts that were delivered to homes and businesses as part of a new contract for trash service in the city.

While the gray carts with black lids may blend into the background, they are made from 40% recycled plastic and represent some of the latest innovations in recycling.

The carts contain post-consumer material from commonly recycled household items such as detergent bottles and milk jugs, as well as harder to recycle plastics like toys and lawn furniture.

Cart manufacturer Rehrig Pacific is working to incorporate more recycled material, such as plastic film, into its products. The California-based company even offers a cart made from plastic ocean waste.

CVWMA selected Rehrig Pacific as the vendor for this project through a cooperative procurement process.

“We are pleased to offer such a sustainable and durable product to our Colonial Heights customers,” Executive Director Kim Hynes said.

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*Toys and lawn furniture are not accepted in CVWMA recycling programs.

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