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Journey To the MRF


Our most popular item is our award winning * educational program Journey To the MRF a custom video about recycling in central Virginia. Follow the journey of items collected in local residential (aka curbside) and drop-off recycling (bins, carts, personal containers, roll-offs) through the MRF (Material Recovery Facility- pronounced “murf”) and eventually back into retail stores.

CVWMA staff provide free programs to schools, scouts, clubs, and other groups. The 30 minute interactive recycling program includes short talk, 5 minute video (virtual field trip) and samples of products made from recycled materials. This cross-curricular program covers the Virginia Standards of Learning listed below. Each participant receives free educational and fun materials made from recyclables for use in the classroom and at home. Download K-5 Recycling Progam flier here.

Cross-curricular program covers the following Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLS).

Science K.1i; K.3; K.10; K.11; 1.1; 1.8; 2.1h; 2.2; 2.5;3.1h;3.2; 3.6c,d; 3.10b,d; 4.1h; i,4.3e; 4.5d;4.9;5.1d,g;5.4

Mathematics K.13; K.14; K.15; 1.14; 1.16; 2.8; 3.17 a,b,c; 3.18, 4.13a,b;4.14;5.15 . Download post Graphing Lesson here.   Download post Pie Chart Worksheet here.

History and Social Science K.6;K.7; K.8; 1.7;1.10d; 1.12a;2.2;2.7;2.9;2.10c;2.2; 3.9;3.10d;VS1b;VS2c

English and Reading K.2a,c,d; K.3d,e,h; K.6;K.7; 1.7b; 2.3d; 3.1a,b; 4.1b;5.1a; 5.3;5.9c,d

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