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Journey To the MRF


Our most popular item is our award winning * educational program Journey To the MRF a custom video about recycling in central Virginia. Follow the journey of items collected in local residential (aka curbside) and drop-off recycling (bins, carts, personal containers, roll-offs) through the MRF (Material Recovery Facility- pronounced “murf”) and eventually back into retail stores. Video can be viewed in English or Spanish subtitles, if needed. 

CVWMA staff provide free programs to schools, scouts, clubs, and other groups. The 30 minute interactive recycling program includes short talk, 5 minute video (virtual field trip) and samples of products made from recycled materials. This cross-curricular program covers the Virginia Standards of Learning listed below. Each participant receives free educational and fun materials made from recyclables for use in the classroom and at home. Download K-5 Recycling Progam flier here.

Cross-curricular program covers the following Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLS).

Science K.1i; K.3; K.10; K.11; 1.1; 1.8; 2.1h; 2.2; 2.5;3.1h;3.2; 3.6c,d; 3.10b,d; 4.1h; i,4.3e; 4.5d;4.9;5.1d,g;5.4

Mathematics K.13; K.14; K.15; 1.14; 1.16; 2.8; 3.17 a,b,c; 3.18, 4.13a,b;4.14;5.15 . Download post Graphing Lesson here.   Download post Pie Chart Worksheet here.

History and Social Science K.6;K.7; K.8; 1.7;1.10d; 1.12a;2.2;2.7;2.9;2.10c;2.2; 3.9;3.10d;VS1b;VS2c

English and Reading K.2a,c,d; K.3d,e,h; K.6;K.7; 1.7b; 2.3d; 3.1a,b; 4.1b;5.1a; 5.3;5.9c,d

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