WordPress Editing Help

An online user guide is available for most common WordPress editing tasks. The one I recommend is EasyWPGuide. Since we’re using the “classic editor”, this set of the tutorials I’d recommend for basic functions, but if you are using the block editor, there are tutorials available for that as well.


CVWMA Shortcodes

Examples of Typography and Shortcodes

Site Specific Tutorials

Updating the Recycling Calendar
The CVWMA calendar is now updated and references from the homepage of the website. To replace the calendar with an updates version, click the X symbol to remove the current link, and upload a new file. Once you do that, the latest calendar will be available everywhere the [calendar] shortcode is used.

It is strongly urged that you use the new [calendar] shortcode everywhere on the website that you want the calendar to appear so that any updates to the file will be global.

Recycling Feature Buttons

The [recycle] shortcode can be added to any page if you’d like to display the three recycling buttons that are featured on the homepage.


what not to recycle


Empty & Rinse Containers · Flatten Boxes · No Trash or Yard Waste · No Plastic Bags

Download Visual Guide

No bags
no tanglers
no hazardous items
no styrofoam


Do not bag recyclables. Return plastic bags and wraps to retailers. No garbage
No hoses, wires, chains or electronics · No flammables, motor oil, paint or batteries · No carryout packaging or packing materials


Your 2024 CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule

Recycling collections are every other week. Sign up for collection day email reminders.

Recycling Collection Schedule

Managing alerts
Global and location specific alerts are accessible via Appearance > Widgets. They are created by dragging a text widget into an alert area and adding content.A Quick Start Video is available to demonstrate that.
Organize education posts

Education Posts are organized and displayed using WordPress categories. A Quick Start Video has been created to help with that.

Homepage Slider

Homepage slides are adding by clicking the “Home Slides” navigation item and clicking “Add New”.

There are four fields available,

  • “Title” – This is required. It’s the largest test on the page. Please keep titles short and informative
  • “Link” – Optional. You can link to a url either within the CVWMA site or to an external site. Adding a link will automatically add a “Read More” button to the page.
  • “Excerpt” – If you’d a like a sentence to appear below the title, add a short excerpt
  • “Featured Image” – Required. Select a good quality horizontal image to appear behind the text.

A Quick Start Video is available with a demonstration.

Working with Mega Menus

The columns based menu setup is created using a WordPress plugin called “Max Mega Menu“. A Quick Start Video has been created to server as an overview of that.

Tip: The widgets and text that appear can quicky be changed in Appearance > Widgets

Secondary menus like the Quick Links are demonstrated is this video

Changing page templates

There are two primary page templates which can be used on the pages of that cvwma website. The template selected by default is a full width page template. If you’d like to show the side bar on any page, select the “Two Column” template. There is also an Events template, used only on the Event page and an “Education” template which will add the Education category navigation to any page.

When using the “Two Column” template, a featured image can be set which will appear across the top of the content area.