Recycling and Energy

June 4, 2016 | Published by Nancy Drumheller

A single bottle, box or can all matter. When you recycle you are providing resources for new products to be made from recyclables. In fact, making new products from recycled materials helps save energy! And, precious natural resources too. It’s all you. Recycling matters. Did you know? Recycling cardboard only takes 75% of the energy required to make new cardboard. Cardboard can be recycled 7 times! Recycling one ton cardboard... Read More

Stormwater Resource Page

August 16, 2013 | Published by Nancy Drumheller

Have you ever watched the rainwater running off your driveway or down your street? Do you know where that water is going? Pollution from stormwater runoff  is the #1 health threat to our waterways. Every time it rains, pollution washes off your property and starts its journey through the watershed to the James River and eventually the Chesapeake Bay. As a way to protect citizens, property, and natural resources from... Read More


August 7, 2013 | Published by Nancy Drumheller

Second to paper, yard waste comprises the largest volume of trash and takes up the most landfill space. Composting is a fun and easy way to keep this rich waste out of landfills and return organic nutrients to the soil without using commercial additives. In addition, the design of modern landfills prevents needed oxygen and water from mixing with organic waste, inhibiting natural decomposition. Below are general guidelines for creating... Read More