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America Recycles Day

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    ardOnce a year the U.S. EPA offically reminds everyone that recycling plays a dramatic role in reducing pollution.This year America Recycles Day (ARD) is celebrated on Tuesday,  November 15th. This national initiative of Keep America Beautiful takes place to raise awareness and the the importance of recycling. It’s a great day to recommit to recycling–an important activity that can have a positive impact on the environment.

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    CVWMA wants to take the time to thank YOU, the every day recyclers through CVWMA residential and drop-off recycling programs. Over 36,000 tons of recycables have been recycled by residential recyclers and over 5,000 tons at drop-off locations during fiscal year 2015. That’s alot of paper, cardboard, bottles,and cans! Together we’re making great things happen in our region.

    Make a Pledge to Recycle…with CVWMA. Recycle more or start recycling today. You will make a difference!

    CVWMA Residential Recycling Programs

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    November Recycling Collection Events

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