Drop-off Recycling

CVWMA offers convenient drop-off recycling collection sites to residents of central Virginia. Collection containers are located at thirty-six convenient locations in nine participating counties and cities. All of the drop-off recycling sites accept the same materials that are collected through the residential (curbside)recycling program.

Recycle right.  The instructional decals on the containers explain where to place specific materials. They also tell you what is not accepted.

ACCEPTED ITEMS: Cardboard, mixed paper, aluminum and steel cans, plastic bottles, tubs and containers (Empty, rinse and replace plastic cap to recycle), food and beverage cartons (empty, rinse, replace plastic cap to recycle) and glass bottles and jars (no metal lids, please).

Avoid the Oops!  NOT ACCEPTED: Leave these out of drop-off recycling containers: Plastic bags, plastic bagged recyclables, any Styrofoam (carryout or packing materials), food contaminated such as pizza boxes, no sheets or balls of aluminum foil, no shredded paper, no tanglers, hoses, cords, big items such as wood, plastic, furniture or metal.

Recycle plastic bags at local grocery/retail stores.

Over 7,000 tons of recyclables have been recycled through this program this past fiscal year and not sent to area landfills.

Goochland County Western CC

Some sites feature the Recycling, Mixed Containers, or Paper Containers; some sites also have smaller bins for newspaper, magazines and catalogs. Visit your locality page for listing of drop-off collection sites.

Recycle right with CVWMA!


Recycle right with CVWMA. The instructional decals on the containers explain where to place specific accepted materials in CVWMA roll off containers and FEL containers.