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CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule

We thank TFC RECYCLING  for their corporate sponsorship of the 2019 collection schedule.

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Residential (Curbside) Recycling Collection by TFC Recycling


Locality Collection Day  Recycling Container
 Ashland  Red Monday 95 gallon green cart/lid
 Col. Hgts  Blue Friday 95 gallon green cart/lid
 Chesterfield  Blue Weeks  Container information
 Goochland  Red Friday  Container information
Hanover Red Monday Container information
Ashland Park, Providence, only
 Hanover  Blue Thursday  Container information
All other approved subdivisions
 Henrico  Red Weeks  Container information
Richmond Red or Blue Weeks  95 gallon green cart w/blue lid


Download 2018 CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule  Download 2019 CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule 




Residential (Curbside & Alley) Recycling Collection in the City of Richmond

The City of Richmond has moved to 95 gallon green recycling cart with a blue lid citywide. No green bins. Collection will take place every other week where your trash is collected. Visit Richmond Recycles  for more information. 

Residential (Curbside) Recycling in the City of Petersburg

Container First Services collects recycling in the City of Petersburg. Recycling is in green cart only. No personal containers.

Collections are every other week on Tuesday, Old Town area is weekly.
Download 2019 CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule 

Residential (Curbside) Recycling in the City of Hopewell

County Waste collects curbside recycling  in the City of Hopewell. Recycling is in green cart with yellow lid only. No personal containers.

Collections are every other week on Wednesdays
Download 2019 CVWMA Recycling Collection Schedule 

Collection Times & Schedule

  • Collections begin as early as 7:00 am and can continue to 7:00 pm.
  • Make sure your container is out for pickup at 7 am for collection by placing it out the night before or first thing in the morning.
  • Questions? Need assistance? Call CVWMA at (804)340-0900.

Click here for calendar of Holiday Delays to Curbside Recycling Collection

To find out the collection day at your home, check the back of the collection schedule that was mailed to you by CVWMA. Or search your address in our database. You may also call the CVWMA at (804) 340-0900 to speak with our team of customer service representatives.  

Collection Reminders by Email

Sign up to receive an Email Reminder the day before your curbside recycling collection. To subscribe, click here to find your address in our database of eligible homes.

Recycling Container Information