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The daily operation of CVWMA programs is coordinated by a 13-member staff.
To contact our staff by phone: Direct number listed for each staff person.
To contact our staff by email: Please click on the appropriate staff member’s name

Kimberly A. Hynes CPA, Executive Director 804-612-0552
Richard Nolan Director of Operations 804-612-0553
Terry Eckhout Accounting & Financial Manager 804-612-0551
Nancy Drumheller Public Affairs Manager 804-612-0557
Reggie Thompson Operations Technician 804-612-0556
Vacant Administrative Assistant 804-612-0549
Stephanie Breaker Customer Service Supervisor 804-612-0558
Myiesha Garner Customer Service Representative 804-612-0559
Angela Burley Customer Service Representative 804-612-0561
Mariette Robinson Customer Service Representative  804-612-0560
Dick Howe Operations Technician 804-612-0555
Barbara Trimmer Accounting Technician 804-612-0550
Kate Carney Recycling Education & Outreach Specialist 804-612-0554