Yard Waste (CVWMA and Covered Bridge Organic)

Yard Waste

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that leaves, grass clippings and other yard waste makes up an astonishing 14.3% of material disposed of nationally before recycling. Fortunately, organic material can be recycled into a valuable soil amendment.

Bin available from Covered Bridge Organic

Wishing Well
home compost bin

You can recycle yard waste and other organic materials such as vegetable scraps at home with a home compost bin.  Simply place appropriate materials in a compost bin, and let nature take its course.  CVWMA has partnered with Covered Bridge Organic to help citizens compost at home.  To get started, learn about the home composting bins available at reduced rates only to residents of the 13 communities served by CVWMA, and select the one best suited for your needs.  More information on composting


Home compost bins reduce the need for yard waste disposal programs and save community resources.  Home composting is simple and requires little upkeep.  For information on home composting, click here.
Many localities have yard-waste collection points at local transfer and solid waste convenience centers. The collected material is ground into mulch, which the locality may provide to residents free of charge or for a small fee or use the material for civic landscaping projects.
Please contact your local government department for more information on yard waste collection in your community.