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    Scout Badge Criteria FinalReduce, Reuse, Recycle Special Patch Program

    The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle special patch program is offered by the Central Virginia Waste Management Authority (CVWMA).

    The program is designed to teach Scouts that live within one of the CVWMA’s thirteen member jurisdictions the importance of being a “recycling steward” in their community.

    It is important to understand that everyone needs to limit the amount of trash one throws away and how recycling reduces need for landfills and saves precious natural resources.

    The CVWMA patch program encourages Scouts to take actions that better take care of their neighborhood and their environment.

    Patch Requirements:

    • Scouts need to watch the CVWMA’s Journey to the MRF video and let us know the following: *(1) what happens when recyclable materials are picked up at the curb or at drop-off site, *(2) what happens to the individual materials that are separated for recycling, *(3) what are some of the end products that are made with recycled materials. This information can be recorded on the patch requirement sheet. Watch video.
    • Scouts should plan and implement an activity/project that promotes and encourages “reducing, reusing and recycling”. See suggestions below. A short description of this activity with one or two photos needs to be submitted on the *patch requirement sheet to CVWMA staff before patches will be provided by the CVWMA staff.



    • Strive for zero waste meetings-bring zero waste snack for troop meeting and pack a zero waste lunch for school.
    • Start, maintain, or improve recycling at sponsoring location of troop meetings.
    • Plan an educational community event in your area that incorporates the 3 R’s.
    • Develop a community service project for recycling (i.e. event that encourages a clothing, toy, or game swap).
    • Develop Recycling PSA’s or Recycling Campaigns to educate your community.
    • Demonstrate, explain, and record the three R’s (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) in action
    • Set up a home recycling center. Evaluate your family’s recycling practices. Then, develop and implement a plan to reduce consumption for your family’s household. Show alternatives to disposable items & how you can reduce waste at home through recycling and reuse.
    • Make a short educational video about CVWMA residential or drop-off recycling programs. Topics should include what you can and cannot recycle, recycling containers or drop-off locations, where recyclables go after they are picked up, what recyclables can be made into, and why it is important to recycle.
    • Teach others using a reduce, reuse, and recycle activity.

    Patch Requirement Sheet

    Download and mail the criteria form below, or submit your request online.

    Download Scout Badge Criteria Form
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