Inclement Weather and CVWMA Collections

Jan. 3, 2022

Residential Recycling Collections
Blue Week recycling collections will start Jan. 4, weather permitting, and will be on a one-day delay through Saturday, Jan. 8.

Residential Trash Collection in Ashland, Colonial Heights, Hopewell and Petersburg 
Collections will be a on a one-day delay through Saturday, Jan. 8.

Winter brings cold weather that may disrupt residential   recycling collection or trash collection.  Service impacted by winter weather may begin late on the day affected,  may be postponed, moved to another collection day,  or may be cancelled altogether.
Icy roads and heavy snow are causes for  adjustments to collections as CVWMA and the contractors, TFC Recycling, Meridian Waste , and County Waste, will not jeopardize lives or property (yours and ours) to collect recyclables or trash.
If central Virginia receives snow and ice, we will post any collections delays on a rolling ticker tape that will scroll across the CVWMA homepage. You may also visit our social media Facebook and Twitter pages or turn to your local government media for information regarding collection service where you live.
In addition, we will have recorded messages on our phone lines that provide directions for residents or one of our Customer Service Representatives will assist you.
When service cannot be postponed and must be cancelled, residents are encouraged to keep recyclables until the next scheduled collection or take the materials to a CVWMA recycling drop-off center.  Locations are listed here.  Trash should be held until the next week’s collection.