Document Shredding

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    Don’t Recycle Your Identity

    As consumers become more concerned with the security of personal information, including social security numbers, financial information and account numbers, greater numbers of people are investing in personal or home shredders to reduce the risk of trashed or recycled documents being used by criminals against them.

    CVWMA does not accept shredded paper.  Leave shredded paper (loose or bagged) out of personal recycling containers and drop-off  recycling containers. The shreds clog the machinery, contaminate the glass processing, and ends up as litter inside the Material Recovery Facility (or MRF) in Chester, VA.

    Visit our What to Recycle page to see what items we accept and those to leave out of recycling containers.


    We suggest the following: 

    • Participate in a document shredding event hosted by some of our member localities. Visit our Event Calendar to see if one is being offered where you live.
    • Check with local organizations or your financial institution to see if they offer document shredding events for the public.
    • Contact your local animal shelter to see if they accept donations of shredded paper. It can be reused as bedding for the animals.
    • Try composting the shredded paper in a home compost bin, vegetable or flower garden.