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    Think Twice! Putting items that CVWMA does not accept in your recycling container or at a drop-off recycling location can damage equipment, harm workers, and adds additional sorting and disposal costs.

    Visit our What to Recycle webpage for items that can be placed in recycling bins, carts, or personal containers.

    Can I recycle a motor oil bottle with a #2 on the bottom?

    No. Motor oil residue has become one of the biggest contaminants for our plastics markets. The residue seeps into the porous plastic and cannot be removed through the washing process. Of course you should never try to rinse or wash a motor oil bottle yourself since motor oil down the sink or storm drain causes a much larger environmental crisis than a plastic bottle in the trash.

    Save those containers to pour used motor-oil back in to for return to your local automotive parts store.


    Why don’t you accept plastic bags?

    We do not accept plastic bags/plastic bagged recyclables because they damage (jam) the sorting equipment at the materials recovery facility ( or MRF), prevent materials from being properly sorted, and add additional disposal costs .  Many local retail stores offer recycling containers for *Plastic_Bag_Recycling, but these are not CVWMA programs.   Because of the nuisance plastic bags cause our community when they become litter and blow around, we recommend reusable bags, whether they are canvas or paper.  Canvas bags can be reused for years, so they are the optimal choice.  Paper bags come from a renewable resource (trees) and if the handles break or they tear, they can be recycled in CVWMA’s curbside or drop-off recycling programs!

     Watch our CVWMA Plastic Bags Public Service Announcement (PSA)