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Reduce, REUSE, Recycle

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    Solid Waste Management Hierarchy

    The Solid Waste Management Hierarchy lists reuse as one of preferred waste management options. You can reuse items by using them over and over again for the same or alternate purposes, repairing them for reuse, donating them to charity and community groups, or swapping them. If you reuse an item it does not need to be reprocessed before it can be used again.



    Easy ways to reuse:

    • Use durable coffee mugs
    • Use cloth napkins or towels
    • Refill bottles
    • Purchase refillable pens and pencils
    • Donate things such as old magazines, clothing, surplus equipment to a school, church, local charity or Goodwill Industries, Salvation Army, etc.
    • Take your own bag when shopping
    • Participate in a paint collection and reuse program
    • Visit a local To Good to Throw Away area found at either a public use area, transfer station or convenience center. Several localities in Central Virginia have this type of program available for their residents.
    • Have a garage sale!


    Additional resources include: