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    No matter what holiday you celebrate this holiday season, consider the impact your celebration has on the environment.  There are a number of ways you can modify your choices this season to reduce the amount of waste you create.  From the GIFTS you buy and the type of GIFT WRAP you use, to the HOLIDAY CARDS you send, we hope you’ll find these tips helpful this month, and all year long.  Visit our Pinterest page too.  If a live Christmas tree is part of your celebration,  please recycle it after your celebration is over.


    Conservatree has put together information about purchasing holiday cards that are printed on recycled paper.  They recommend the ones below on their website.  For more tips about purchasing paper items (including calendars and office products) with recycled-content, click here.

    · Hallmark’s Shoebox Greetings, My Thoughts Exactly, and Comedy Club lines

    · Leanin’ Tree’s Western and Native American art

    · Peaceable Kingdom’s illustrations from favorite children’s books

    · Pomegranate’s photos and illustrations

    · Recycled Paper Greetings

    Additional eco friendly greeting card sites include: Cards Direct ,  Planet Pals or visit our Pinterest page


    Think. Shop. Buy. Local.

    Central VA has many local businesses that offer recycled content and sustainable clothing and accessories. From fleece products made from recycled plastic bottles to decorative dishware made from recycled glass bottles, these companies offer items for everyone on your holiday list. (Kwanza, Hanukkah,Christmas, etc.)

    Dick’s Sporting Goods — carries recycled clothing (Patagonia and Under Armour)

    Blue Ridge Mountain Sports – carries recycled clothing(Patagonia), Keen shoes, & accessories

    REI – carries recycled clothing (REI brand, Patagonia), backpacks, etc.

    Plow and Hearth- carries recycled tree ornaments (aluminum)

    Ten Thousand Villages – carries a variety of sustainable accessories and recycled jewelry.

    Please contact Retail Merchant’s Association for more information.

    The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  shares The Ultimate Green Shopping Guide to help consumers purchase products made from recycled materials, including bottles and cans. The different sites feature individual and national recycled product retailers.

    From fleece products made from recycled plastic bottles to decorative dishware made from recycled glass bottles, these companies offer items for everyone on your holiday list. (Kwanza, Hanukkah, Christmas, etc.) Be sure to check out the variety of eco-friendly tips for holiday entertaining and decorating links below. Consumers will also find creative gift-wrapping ideas and tips on how to “be green” all year round. Visit our Pinterest page too.

    Some of CVWMA’s favorite green gifts (and suppliers):


    CVWMA does not accept metallic holiday wrapping paper due to the dyes used in making it (it’s not compatible with the other papers we collect.) Instead save it to reuse next year.  Another idea is to recycle papers like the Sunday comics pages or to create your own using brown craft paper and stamps – a good activity for the kids!  A third option is to use reuseable items like gift bags or packaging that is also part of the gift – for example, a set of kitchen items wrapped in kitchen towels! Visit our Pinterest page too! 



    Hosting a No Waste Party or Event

    • Send invitations printed on recycled paper, or send electronic invitations.
    • Decorate with plants, fabrics, and other greeneries instead of plastic streamers, Mylar decorations, or balloons.
    • Purchase party supplies in bulk and buy only what you need. Buying the largest size ually saves you packaging.
    • Use usable dishes, utensils, cloth tablecovers and napkins.
    • Think of creative ways to serve food; such as new frisbees as plates so guests can take them home as gifts.
    • Set up an area to recycle bottles and cans from party. Compost leftover food waste.
    • Non-perishable items can be donated to local food bank.

    How to Green Your Holiday Party

    Green Living: Tips for eco friendly holidays

    Green Your Holidays

    Planet Pals

    CVWMA Reminders about Holiday Recycling